Uform Announces £3 million Investment Plan to Support Growth Strategy

As part of the £3 million investment, a new 31,000 sq ft. extension will be built to accommodate new product introductions and also to enhance existing ranges through more colour offerings.

As part of the £3million investment, a new 31,000 sq ft. extension will be built to accommodate new product introductions and also to enhance existing ranges through more colour offerings.  New state of the art pressurised spray booth technology and robotic spraying will form part of this, increasing production capacity and allowing the company to further strengthen their core competence of painting various ranges in any colour and more significantly at minimal lead times for the retailer. 

As part of the plan, the company will increase spend on consumer print advertising and digital marketing through the development of two new websites, one for the trade and one for the end consumer through the Kitchen Stori brand.  This coupled with a new intuitive online ordering platform for retailers will take Uform to the next level of growth.

Uform Headquarters in Toomebridge, Co.Antrim

In addition to this, acquisition will form part of the strategy to enable the company to add more product offerings within its existing channel to market.  Ongoing enhancements to the company’s IT infrastructure will continue with a significant level of investment in new server platforms to enable cloud storage as well as increased security measures which will accommodate further growth.

Chairman Eamon Donnelly comments, “This is an exciting chapter for Uform as we work on implementing our new 5 year strategic plan. The core of our vision “is being easy to do business with”. This investment is crucial for further growth and as a result, we anticipate the creation of at least 20 jobs over the next 12months, some of which will be in the areas of Human Resources, quality management and operations”.  

The implementation of the plan is ongoing, with the first phase of building and installation of a new pressurised booth due for completion in March 2017 and the final phase in September 2017.  As well as expansion of facilities, investment will also focus on lean manufacturing elements in order to reduce production costs within the business and lead times within the business.  In addition to job creation, the company have further plans to develop its people through a series of training initiatives to ensure the company’s workforce are aligned to the company vision, culture and core values.

Eamon continues “As well as expansion of facilities, what’s imperative for this business is a consistent focus on innovation with product research and development as well as always improving our processes. We operate in a segment similar to the fashion industry where trends and consumer demands change so quickly so being ahead of the game is vital.  To strengthen this in the future, we’re in the process of developing an ‘Innovation Hub’ which will be housed in our award winning design centre which houses 42 Kitchen displays.  This new facility will create an environment where we can stay close to our customers and listen to their needs.  This space will feature interactive touch screen technology and will be the lifeblood of gathering ideas for future trends and developing innovative offerings in years to come.  Alongside this it will also enable us to have a broader understanding of our market and our customers core needs and wants.”

Uform prides itself on the calibre of its workforce and with a high staff retention rate of 87%, their knowledge base and expertise allows for the delivery of a world class buying experience for retailers, ensuring that the company continues to deliver on their vision of being easy to do business with.

For further information on the range of products offering by Uform, visit www.uform.co.uk or call the Customer Services team on +44 (0) 28 7965 1650.

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