Corner Storage

Corner cupboards are often a pain for homeowners and with the natural shape of houses, it’s not something which can be avoided. To overcome this awkward space, we offer a selection of cleverly designed corner pull-outs which with one simple movement, brings the contents of the cabinet right out in plain sight.

Arco Linea

Acro Compact

Arco Linea & Arco Compact

  • Each tray swings out of the cabinet completely and independently
  • Easy to install
  • Trays can be positioned at any height to suit
  • Access to the full contents of kitchen cabinets
  • Standard brake system or soft closing and opening available
  • Arco Linea features anthracite flat rails with anthracite anti-slip base
  • Arco Compact features chrome round wire rails with white anti-slip base
  • Load capacity 20kg per tray
  • Suitable for cabinet widths: 760mm, 860mm, 960mm