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Placing orders
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Placing orders

Information on all ordering options available to you
Placing orders


We realise that you may have your own ordering system in place, and you can now send from your system direct to ours.  The quickest and easiest way to order with Uform is by using one of our direct to system ordering solutions.


All these options are processed automatically by our systems ensuring accurate orders, and rapid order confirmations.


We have several ways of sending direct orders as outlined below.  Please contact us about the one you would find most suitable.


Uform Online

You can place orders for a wide selection of products through Uform Online, our online ordering system which is available to you 24/7 from a desktop, mobile or tablet device.   All Uform products are available to order including ex-stock, paint to order and made to order options (excluding special sizes) as well as lighting, handles, internal storage and bin solutions and universal accessories.


To access Uform Online, you must have an active trading account with Uform.  You can apply online here and a member of our Business Development Team will be in touch.  For further details on our Uform Online portal click here.


Smart & KBB Connect Users

You may may already have emailing set up, but this requires re-typing at Uform.  SMART and KBB Connect can send this information directly into our system.  To activate the link to Uform, first of all let your contact at SMART and your Key Account Manager at Uform know you want to be set up.  KBB Connect will be set up for you by KBB themselves.


Further setup details can be sent to you by your Key Account Manager or Business Development Executive.


EasyQuote (EQ) Users

If you use Easyquote, please let your Uform Key Account Manager Business Development Executive know so we can arrange this.  This is to ensure you get the best out of both Uform and these systems.


Further setup details can be sent to you by your Key Account Manager or Business Development Executive.


CSV Upload Online

Alternatively you can upload a CSV within the Uform Online ordering platform to quickly fill a new basket with the contents of the CSV.  This is useful if your ERP system can export to excel or CSV.


For further information on this feature, please contact your Key Account Manager or Business Development Executive.


Email us an excel template with your order

An excel template can be sent to us containing your order in a pre-determined format.  You will need to contact your Key Account Manager or Business Development Executive to have an excel template generated specifically for you.


Send a CSV directly from your Ordering System (EDI)

Lastly, you can send us a CSV directly from your system in a specific format that will directly import and send an order confirmation. The is the fastest way to have an order created on your system, sent to us and created on ours.


If you are interested in this, please contact your Key Account Manager or Business Development Executive and we can get your account setup for this.

All new customers trading with Uform will be set up with a proforma account at the very outset.  This means that when an order is placed, the onus is on the new customer to contact Uform to organise payment of goods.


Please note, goods will not be despatched until payment has been made and has been received by Uform.  If it’s a painted to order product, please note the lead time does not start until payment has been received and the proforma has been converted to an order.


Please note, if you’re placing orders through Uform Online, you will have the option to pay upfront upon checkout.

Our Trade Counter is open Monday – Friday from 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Yes, collection from our Trade Counter in Toomebridge is available.  Where possible, Uform asks that all customers place their orders in advance of collection at the Trade Counter in order to reduce waiting times.


Orders placed before 11am and released can be collected on the same day.  Orders placed after 11am will be available to collect from 8am the next working day.

All orders placed will be acknowledged in writing.  For all orders placed through Uform Online, you will receive an email confirmation to let you know the order has been received.  It is vital that you notify Uform immediately of any discrepancies. Please note: credit stopped orders will affect acknowledged delivery dates.

Competitive discounts are available for bulk / contract orders.  Uform expects relevant forecasts of usage for bulk / contract orders.  When placing bulk orders, please take into consideration that extended lead times may apply and will be advised by our Key Account Managers.  Extra stock can be held specifically for you if you can provide projections.


When placing orders for special products, it is imperative that you attach a detailed specification or drawing, no orders will be accepted verbally.  To ensure that your order is manufactured correctly, please detail the range name and sizes required via email.  A notice acknowledgement will be sent to you upon receipt of your order to confirm that all technical details are correct and pricing approved.


Production will commence 24 hours after you have received your acknowledgment. Any changes to your order must be made within these 24 hours.  Any orders with 6 pieces or over will have an additional week added to the delivery lead time.


We reserve the right to decline making a special size product where it is decided the size makes it impractical or susceptible to future issues, eg. Bowing.

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