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Switches & sensors

Switches & sensors

A wide range of smart switches and sensors for furniture lighting.


DOT is an infrared sensor with limit-switch function for inside cabinet installation. Switching on and off lighting units connected to the DOT IR FW 2.0 takes place with the opening and closing of the door located in front of the sensor and at a distance not more than 100mm.

Aluminium Finish
DOT-FW-2.0 | Switches and Sensors | Lighting | Uform
Dot IR FW 2.0
DOT-IR-FW 2.0 Bracket Infrared | Switches and Sensors | Lighting | Uform
Bracket Included
DOT Hand | Switches and Sensors | Lighting | Uform

IR FW 2.0

IR FW 2.0 is an infrared sensor that switches all connected devices on and off when a door is opened or closed in front of it. The sensor can be recessed into cabinetry or surface mounted. An adjustable setting also allows IR FW 2.0 to be used as a manual swipe on/off sensor with dimmable functionality. IR FW 2.0 includes a connection for 1 light, a 10-way distributor is available to connect multiple lights.

White Finish
IR-FW 2.0 Door Swipe Infrared | Switches and Sensors | Lighting | Uform
IR FW 2.0 Door / Swipe Sensor
IR-FW 2.0 Recessed Installation Infrared-Swipe | Switches and Sensors | Lighting | Uform
Recessed Installation
IR-FW 2.0 Adjustable Swipe Infrared | Switches and Sensors | Lighting | Uform
Adjustable setting for manual on/off swipe sensor
Dawson - Indigo | Modern Kitchen | Uform

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